Report: Google offered Epic $147M to launch Fortnite in its app store

Google once offered Epic Games $147 million to include its Fortnite game in the Google app store but Epic initially rejected the deal, according to documents seen in the Epic-Google antitrust suit that opened on Monday.

Sustainability – a whole new meaning: How you too can live beyond burnout

How do you keep your life between the bumpers? This is where my spring break will come in – a time spent in service of sustaining my progress and reflecting on what’s working and what needs tweaked.

Stories at Work: Timeboxing to get it done

Entrepreneurial leader Sam Bayer continues his series, Stories at Work, by highlighting how leaders can use timeboxing to their advantage.
Electric vehicles eVs

VinFast preps for up to $2B stock offering as it builds $4B car plant in NC

Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) startup Vinfast is revving up for its debut in US public markets. Here's a detailed look at what's happening with the company that's building a big plant in North Carolina.