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Despite financial turbulence, Independence Health CEO holds optimistic perspective for merged system

The CEO of the merged Excela Health and Butler Health systems is committed to keeping the organization’s five hospitals operating, despite currently enduring millions of dollars in losses. “We are taking a look at all the assets across the system. Every one of the five hospitals is very important to

Gift guide for cooks with a craving for sustainability

This time of year can be a big gift-giving moment, with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, weddings and more. And whatever the occasion, if the recipient enjoys spending time in the kitchen, then food and kitchen-related gifts are a natural place to start. More and more of us are shopping

Arnold couple opening The Feisty Goblin Gamehouse, a tabletop gaming store, in New Kensington

Jim and Christine Radeshak are hoping to roll a natural crit when they open their tabletop gaming store in downtown New Kensington. The Arnold couple will take advantage of the crowds drawn to the city’s popular Fridays on Fifth to launch The Feisty Goblin Gamehouse. They are planning a soft

Molly Parzen: Farm Bill a bipartisan opportunity to ensure America’s bounty, sustainability

In our hyper-polarized political environment, examples of bipartisan lawmaking are hard to find, and it’s understandable why many Americans believe policymakers accomplish little for their constituents. However, this year we have an opportunity to pass genuinely bipartisan legislation: the United States Farm Bill. Not only does this legislation represent an

So thrifty: Buying, selling secondhand is affordable, sustainable and fun

Browsing through Goodwill in Cheswick, Brooke Holler was sizing up a wooden easel she was hoping would make a nice stand for a sign at her wedding in September. Holler isn’t just an avid thrifter — she turned her passion into a business. She runs Busy Bee’s on the secondhand
Global Warming.

Peter Morici: Degrowth solutions won’t solve global warming

Climate change, pandemics, Putin’s madness and China’s ambitions threaten humanity with droughts and floods of biblical proportions, nonnavigable rivers and disappearing island nations, fractured global supply chains and shortages of vital resources like commercial fertilizer, and famine and mass migrations. Much of this has been enabled or exacerbated by industrialization
Global Warming. Renewable Energy.

Policy, climate, war make 2022 ‘pivot year’ for clean energy

BENGALURU, India — For renewable energy companies in India, it’s a good time to be in business. One of India’s largest renewable energy firms, Renew Power, will be among the corporations big and small hoping for a piece of a $2.6 billion government scheme that encourages the domestic manufacturing of