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Sustainability Senior Manager

At Deloitte, our Sustainability & KPI Services Team combines CPAs with specialists in sustainability assurance, risk, measurement, and reporting. The Sustainability team provides advisory and assurance services for clients on a broad range of aspects for clients who plan to or are already disclosing against established sustainability reporting standards or frameworks such as the GHG Protocol, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), Task Force on Climate- Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), CDP, and the International Integrated Reporting Council Integrated Reporting Framework. Our team includes specialists who bring industry-specific sustainability perspectives. These include understanding evolving ESG trends and market forces, why certain sustainability metrics are important from both a financial and risk perspective, and experience in advising companies as they establish and improve internal processes for collecting, analyzing, measuring, and reporting information. Work you’ll do As a Sustainability Senior Manager, you will gather, analyze and distribute information regarding developments in sustainability to our clients and our practice. Other responsibilities would include: Lead the delivery of projects for clients with a focus on: Performing research, stakeholder engagement, and analysis as part of materiality assessments and ESG risk and opportunity analyses Performing sustainability-related assurance procedures such as evaluating and testing processes and […]
Global Warming. Renewable Energy.

Renewable Energy Analyst

ArcVera Renewables contributes to the world’s renewable energy future with the rigorous application of our collective intellect to its technological challenges, guiding our clients to successful project development and operational outcomes.  We strive to accelerate the deployment of wind, solar, and storage facilities globally, with a keen focus on commercially meaningful insights, risk reduction, and asset performance. At ArcVera Renewables, our goals extend beyond our client, corporate, and personal success.  We are leaders in renewable energy at the intersection of science, technology, and engineering.  The impact we have on the renewable energy industry and on our clients will help determine our legacy.  This approach serves as the core of what drives our actions every working day. Responsibilities for Renewable Energy Analyst Role Meteorological and/or solar data processing, quality control, and management Meteorological tower, solar resource assessment station, and remote sensing (sodar and lidar) data management Verification of equipment location, configuration, and operation Tracking and reporting of client raw data file activity Processing raw data files to produce time series Applying quality control processes to raw data to produce finished products for use in energy assessments Regular internal and client status communication Spatial analysis, mapping, and visualization Create clear, concise maps […]
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Taking Climate Change seriously… when’s that going happen???

COP27 was just another cop out. by Annette McGee Rasch Even with experts now warning that by 2100 temperatures could climb 2.9°C above the preindustrial average, when the recent United Nations COP27 climate conference in Egypt wrapped up there was still no realistic plan to cap planetary warming at 1.5°C – the goal set that humanity might be able to cope with. Once again, negotiations failed to secure vital commitments on the phasing out of fossil fuels, the number one driver of the climate crisis. Despite overwhelming scientific evidence and escalating human rights impacts, control clearly remains in the hands of the oil and gas industry, thus again, fossil fuels were not even mentioned in COP decisions.  While the planet approaches alarming tipping points guaranteed to usher in cataclysmic impacts that only “urgent system-wide transformation” can prevent, the world’s largest corporations are busily plotting new fossil fuels projects, particularly in Africa. Business as usual. “Some people turned up to negotiate for their futures, but oil and gas lobbyists turned up to negotiate for their wallets,” said David Tong, global industry campaign manager at Oil Change International. “The reality is that the only way to safely limit warming to 1.5°C is […]