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Tony’s Chocolonely to appoint independent ‘mission guardians’ to help protect sustainability pledge

A new governing structure involving "golden shares" will be overseen by the three guardians, the chocolate company says.

Brexit scheme that makes EU citizens reapply for right to live in UK unlawful, High Court rules

The government’s Brexit scheme that means EU citizens must reapply for the right to live and work in the UK is unlawful, the High Court has ruled.
Climate Change Global Warming.

Climate change: Next year set to be warmer than 2022 and one of the hottest years on record, Met Office experts say

In 2016, the current hottest year on record, an “El Nino” climate pattern in the Pacific pushed up sea temperatures and therefore global temperatures on top of global warming trends. In recent years, the Pacific has seen the opposite cooling “La Nina” effect – but this is set to end.

Pubs, clubs and bars could open for longer to celebrate King’s coronation

The Home Office is launching a consultation looking at extending licensing hours on the three days of the bank holiday weekend.