Salesforce automates ESG report-building to meet sustainability standards

This use case is the tip of the iceberg in terms of how generative artificial intelligence can impact organizations' sustainability efforts.

IBM CIO talks sustainability and the power of CIOs to help

CIOs should leverage their purchasing power to support carbon-aware computing practices, IBM's Kathryn Guarini said.

Nokia’s coherent optics drive data center interconnection, sustainability

As compute-heavy and power-hungry AI models expand, data center operators are challenged with managing bandwidth needs and power consumption.

Cisco customers focus on data center sustainability, worry about complexity

By 2027, 75% of organizations are predicted to have a data center sustainability program in place, according to Gartner research.

IT sustainability is a commercial initiative, not altruistic, Intel says

The tightening of IT budgets and sustainability's commercialization, however, don't seem to have diluted the topic's relevance.

Google survey finds execs downgrading sustainability, lying about ESG

Sustainability dropped from executives' No. 1 priority in 2022 to No. 3, according to Google Cloud's global survey.

Gartner: Corporate Sustainability Suffers From Tragedy of the Commons

The reality of climate change doesn't make sustainability an urgent or important corporate priority on its own.
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Google Cloud Accelerates Climate Change Cloud, AI Tech

Google Cloud introduced two new startup accelerators focused on cloud, AI, and ML technologies that address climate change.
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Deloitte Debriefs Cloud Sustainability in 2023

“Now enterprises know cloud computing is substantially greener than enterprise computing,” Deloitte’s David Linthicum said.
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Microsoft, NTT Push Digital Twins for Sustainability

The digital twin offer will help accelerate corporate sustainability and emissions targets, Chief Digital Officer Tanvir Khan said.