MIT Reveals: How Nervous Systems Integrate Environment and State To Control Behavior

A simple animal model shows how stimuli and states such as smells, stressors, and satiety converge in an olfactory neuron to guide food-seeking behavior. Imagine you live across from a bakery. Sometimes you are hungry and therefore tempted when aromas waft through your window. However, other time
Global Warming.

Large Parts of Europe Warming Twice As Fast as the Planet

The warming during the summer months in Europe has been much faster than the global average, shows a new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres. As a consequence of human emissions of greenhouse gases, the climate across the continent has also become drier, particularly i
Climate Change Global Warming.

Earth’s Warming Hole – Is It an Indication of an Impending Climate Change Catastrophe?

University of Miami researchers discover that a swath of cooling water in the subpolar region is unrelated to an ocean circulation slowdown. The pattern of temperature change in the world’s oceans may not be a sign of an impending abrupt climate change event, as depicted in the film “The Day After