Gardening Gardens

How to manage moss and algae in your gardening jobs this weekend

Mosses and algae can be both friend and foe in your garden
Gardening Gardens

Everything you need to know about fertilisers for your gardening jobs this weekend

Why vegetables, lawns and roses may need an extra bit of help this winter – and whether manure is your best option
Global Warming. Renewable Energy.

Energy bills will stay higher for longer due to UK’s clunking grid system

Renewable energy developers are facing delays of more than a decade to generate electricity due to fundamental issues with the country’s grid system.

Inside the intelligence unit investigating Government leaks and keeping out hostile states

A former civil servant working in intelligence said things can get “murky” because staff within the Government Security Group investigate with all their resources but report into the very people they’re investigating
Gardening Gardens

How to keep houseplants healthy and happy this winter: Gardening jobs for the weekend

Beautiful blooms can be yours all year round

Renew your passport now to avoid backlogs next year, holidaymakers urged

Matthew Rycroft, the Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, said ‘we need to be ready for next year to be even busier than this year’ in terms of passport applications

How sending messages to ourselves became an obsession

Messaging yourself has become so popular that WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to make it even easier
Gardening Gardens

The best bark on garden trees for winter colour and texture: Gardening jobs for the weekend

Tree bark can provide all the colours of the rainbow in a winter garden – and it’s irresistible to stroke

Home Office charging councils £4k a head per week for soldiers to replace striking firefighters

Fire chiefs have complained that the cost – which does not include any equipment or training – is prohibitive

Migrant dies at Manston detention centre in Kent, Home Office confirms

It is understood the man arrived in a small boat on November 12 and died in hospital on Saturday morning after ‘becoming unwell’