New sustainability toolkit to help herb farmers in the botanical industry meet “overwhelming challenges”

16 Mar 2023 --- The Sustainable Herbs Program (SHP) has updated its toolkit to support companies in ensuring a long-term, sustainable supply of botanicals. NutritionInsight sits down with Ann Armbrecht, SHP director, and Taylor Clayton, sustainability impact manager at Traditional Medicinals, to discuss how the update can help build a more sustainable herb industry. “The botanical industry is uniquely suited to lead the way in doing business that serves health and wellness for all – for people, plants and the planet, not just finished product consumers,” says Armbrecht.
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Carbon-captured protein: Arkeon fights climate change with globally scalable ingredient tech

02 Jan 2023 — Vienna-based Arkeon has received an additional €4 million (US$4.27 million) in capital to advance its CO2 utilization technology, which converts carbon dioxide into protein ingredients. To date, the company has accumulated over €10 million (US$10.69 million) in funding for its technology buildout, infrastructure expansion and product development, as it works to disrupt food production on a global scale. Arkeon says that by producing functional, nutritious and environmentally sustainable protein ingredients, it can transition industries that require a lot of resources to low-emission systems.