K R Srivats and Sanjeev Kumar Singhal, Vice Chairman of the Sustainability Standards Board of India, discuss the sustainability reporting mandates placed by regulators and the progress made by India.

Sustainability reporting has evolved from voluntary to crucial for corporate governance. It helps measure, manage & communicate performance, providing stakeholders with info to foster better decision-making & trust. India has seen progress in sustainability reporting, driven by SEBI's regulatory push & focus on BRSR Core & reasonable assurance. It contributes to India's sustainable & inclusive future.

Goodenough, Nobel laureate who gave the world Li-ion batteries, passes away

John Bannister Goodenough, the American co-inventor of Lithium-ion batteries and a co-winner of 2019 Nobel prize for Chemistry, has passed away. He was just a month short of turning 101. Goodenough also played a significant role in the development of Random Access Memory (RAM) for computers.

Sustainability is at the heart of Coats

The UK-based company inaugurated its sustainability hub in Madurai to further progress its sustainability commitment